My cousin made our family proud by completing her MBBS from Tirunelveli Medical College.

The function was on Sept 7th So planned to reach 1 day earlier to explore Tirunelveli. I had booked an apartment from reached there by 12:00 AM, the dormitory was actually pretty good. It even had A/c and I was lucky since there was no one else. I started my morning at 8.00 AM and decided to get ready and I got ready for the day by 30 mins and went straight to the Aaryas hotel and then I started planning the day. My earlier plan was to Visit Maghamala but later on, decided to Visit Manjolai and PapanasamDam as per suggestions from my cousin since it was like 250 km away which would take the entire day.

Ride to Manjolai Ride to Manjolai
I started off my journey to Papanasam Dam, I trusted Google Maps and was using their navigation and at last, it said I have reached my destination to my surprise I was just at someone’s house backyard. I then, later on, decided to ask locals and went straight to Manjolai it was an amazing journey. On the way, there was some offroad ride too. When I reached the destination I was amazed by the waterfalls. I thought there wouldn’t be much to see for the 50Rs. I paid at the check-post and by the way, they even checked my whole backpack. It was worth it I would say. The water was better and had a lot of fishes they gave me an amazing foot massage which I enjoyed a lot. Then when I asked around I found that Agasthyar falls was nearby so I decided to take a quick deroute and visited there it had an amazing waterfall and cleanly water and huge greeny forest. If I had visited hear first I could’ve enjoyed a lot but since i had already taken a bath from Manjolai I decided to walk around the Falls and explore its beauty.
Dinner at Varnam Dinner at Varnam
I later on headed back to my dormitory since it was late. Then my cousin called and we had lunch at Raagam which had wonderful food. Please see the beautiful crab fry which I never touched and from others experience they said like it had nothing and shell was hard to even crack. But all other food items were good. So had a wonderful time with family.

The next day I had to pack my bag so that I can be ready for next journey to Chikmagalur then I headed to medical college to support my cousin on her big day. It was quite wonderful to see her in her white gown. She was enjoying every moment like others since it was her last day at her college. Even I had that day were I had to bid goodbye to my friends who had been with me for 4 years who I rea miss now. It was a proudful moment for my cousins family to see their daughter getting MBBS degree. We had an awesome day. Congrats cousin wish you good luck in advance for your future endeavors.