Ride Single it will be an experience that will last for your lifetime

I had dreamed for it a long time, Actually it was one from the bucket list that I have.

Ride to Manjolai Ride to Manjolai
The ride destination was Chickamangalore. For those who had visited there would know the beauty of the nature, the morning breeze, the cleanly environment, helping mentality of the local people will attract most of us to visit there more often. But the distance is the one that is worrying me. It’s not the distance that troubles me it’s the dates. I had taken an entire week for vacation but had too much things on calendar like spending time with family for Easter , attending marriage functions, attending my cousin’s convocation and my trip. So I planned to go for convocation happening at Tirunelveli and then go straight to Chikmagalor.

Tirunelveli is also a nice place to visit. Since I reached there one day prior to the function I thought to visit some places. First destination was papanasam dam which had Amazing view from the road but the water was too low, So I didn’t go for a closer look. The next stop was Manimuthar Dam which had an amazing garden. The next stop was Manjolai waterfalls, there was one was a check post where I had to pay entry fees and had to let them check my bag. The way to to Manjolai was an off-road ride to a hilltop which was amazing. I reached there by 2 pm, the water was too good so I decided to take a nap. I even got a foot massage from the fishes there in the water. Manjolai had an amazing collection of fishes. There are like too many varieties to count. So I spent enough time there to keep me ready for the next ride.

The next destination was Agasthyar falls which was the best among all the places that I visited on this day. Since I already had taken a nap at Manjolai. I decided to take a walk around and see all around the falls. They had built pathway around the whole falls. The water falls had a enough area to accommodate a count of more than 300+ people.

The next day I went for my cousins convocation which was quite fun to watch my cousin on her big date. It was quite sad for her to say goodbye to all her friends. Congrats cous for being the first MBBS graduate in the family.

Then I bid adios to my cousin and headed to Chikmagalur. I know it was a very long journey had to take too many stops for water, food and resting but it was fun all the way till Chikmagalur. Let me explain, first interesting thing happened at the 300Km mark , My bike started with a missing like out of petrol I thought it was due to the heating which in turn was due to the speed at which I had to go since it was a long way from Tirunelveli to Chikmagalur. I waited like 10 mins before starting my bike again. Then I started my bike and rode like 5 mins my bike again started missing and stopped, this happened like for the next 10-15 times. It took me like one hour to reach nearby shop where I was able to understand that there is no workshop nearby and will have to travel 15kms to reach the next workshop. Dont think that was all the trouble I had. Since I had to check for the route to next workshop I checked my phone and saw that my battery charge is closing 15%. The interesting thing was that it was on charging the whole way. Since I already had installed charger plus holder in my bike. So I came to an understanding that my mobile is also failed on me. I started the journey at 2 PM now its 6.30 PM and I almost reached Karnataka. Now I’m in the national highways where all the vehicles are roaming at 90-120 km/hr. Then I prayed to god and somehow managed to reach a better hotel by another 1.50 hours where I was able to charge my phone and have some food for myself. I then tried to check my bike, just to check for any normal problem that I can solve on my own. My bike had missing earlier due to an issue in the one of the valves and spark plug. But this was not that I then decided to remove the charger connection sincce it is not longer working and here comes the magic that was the issue. That circuit was short circuiting my bikes battery and was causing the missing. And that was it I found the at like 8 PM now I have wasted like 2:30 hours :(.

I then started my journey and kept on going till 11 and my eyes started fading and then I had to take a nap taking a hotel is not good as it will take time and I dont have that So decided to stop at the Bus stop which I found to be empty and slept there for 20 minutes and then again started journey. This kept on going till morning 6.30 PM on the way I had to sleep at another petrol pump(on top of my bike :D).

The first thing I did when I reached Chikmagalor was finding a place to take a short nap before starting exploring. I found one and told them to wake me up at 10. Obviously they forgot and I woke up at 11:30 and had a quickly did morning chores and left hotel by 11:45 and went straight to Mullayanagiri. It was the highest peak in Chikmagalor with a height close to 2000 meters. And yes I took by bike up to the point where there was road. It was fun there were some off-road and for some time I had to ride through an area where it like sandstorm could not see anything. The view from top of mountain was quite spectacular. I went near to the temple which was the highest peak to get a much better view. I spend some time there and started to nearest waterfalls.